Project Bloom

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Sound Designer and CCC


The point of this project was to create a character similar to an existing one. In our case, me and my team got the Doom Slayer. Our theme that we went with for our game was the deep sea, so our main character was a scuba diver on a mission to kill aliens. I took care of the dashing mechanic and the sound design.

Character Controller

To start off in the project, I worked on the dash of our main character. Every playtests, I slowly improved the feel of the dash. I enhanced how it stopped, how far it went and how fast it would travel to it’s destination. In the end, I can be proud to have made a fluid movement made to evade enemy attacks.

Sound Design

For the rest of the project, I worked on the sound design. I used Unreal Engine’s MetaSound plugin to customize the sound effects and the music. I first edited the sound in Adobe Audition, then integrated them to have a random pitch and audio for the events. I also created dynamic music that fits with the combat. A blueprint would detect the amount of enemies in the room and would finish the song accordingly.

Audrey Langlois : CCC and Sound Designer

Alex S. Laflamme : Character Artist

Camille Boudreault : AI and Level Designer

Caroline Forget : CCC and AI

Nicolas Lévesque : Environmental Artist

Rapha√ęlle Raymond : 3D Animation and Rigging

Sasha Fortier : Level Designer

Vincent Nadeau : CCC and Gameplay Programmer