Marketing and Lead AI


Guano is a project made by 27 students including me. In this game, you play as a seagull that steals food from humans by all means necessary. By that, we mean, defecate, scream and squish them. My role in this team was AI lead, which meant that I took care of giving tasks related to AI to my colleague Caroline Forget and myself.

Shy Gary

One of our NPCs named Shy Gary has the behavior of constantly running away from the player and be incredibly afraid of us. During production, Shy Gary was a challenge to balance to make him fun as a target.

During playtests, he was the most difficult NPC to hit mostly because he was unpredictable. So to fix that, he needed a lot of anticipation. So I added animations for when he turns around and when he notices the player after he’s been idle.

Next, I added the fact that if he gets attacked in a short amount of time, he has a bigger chance of finding a shelter, giving an opening for the player to yell next to him.

BoatTrucks and BoatTruckCopters

The base script of the two types of vehicles were made by Caroline Forget, and once I joined the team, I was given the responsibility to fix any bugs related to it and future features linked to them. The major behaviors added were the crashing down and the ejection of trash to add more obstacles to the player.


Towards the end of the project, I decided to join the marketing team with Jakob Bouchard, Sasha Fortier and Marianne Richard. On my part, I created the trailer, helped with the descriptions and headers on the steam page and added some gameplay screenshots.

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