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3D Modeler and Designer


During this gamejam, I made the 3D environment. For the short amount of time that me and my team had available, we collectively decided that a low-poly environment with solid colors for the textures would be better. At the end, I made a level design and integrated my assets, sounds and HUD visuals in Unity.

3D Environment and Level Design

The setting for this game was in a forest, so we had a beach, some trees, picnics and tents, and a cabin. I also took care of making the shotguns and it’s ammo.

When my assets were done, I went to Unity and created a quick level design with the assets I had. The beginning is on the beach, the players walks towards the forest to discover there are creatures waiting to attack. Once the cabin is found at the end of the forest, there is a shotgun available to pick up and made to be used to kill the boss.

Sound Design

Towards the end of the gamejam, I had time to integrate the sound and make a quick UI for the menus and the HUD.

Audrey Langlois : Environnement Artist

Jean-Marie Gariépy : Character Artist

Mathieu-Daniel Gariépy : Gameplay Programmer

Marc-André Jalbert-Blaie : Gameplay Programmer

Gabriel Gauthier : AI Programmer