AI Programmer


The point of this project was to create an AI that was able to simulate coulrophobia with the help of sound design and character design. A lot of research was put into this project and documented on Notion.

Clown navigation

I left the navigation for the clown very simple. It follows a random point within a certain radius and uses the Pathfinding to get to that point. It’s been a while since I’ve used C#, and so I got the help from a simple tutorial to get me used to coding again.

Player detection

A raycast from the clown points towards the player. If it ends up detecting them, the target of the clown will change for the player and it will start chasing towards it’s prey until it doesn’t see it for a few seconds.

The teleportation powers

Every few seconds, the clown can teleport behind the player, but he can only use this power when the player can’t see him. So when the player turns a corner that the clown was seen walking towards, they might disappears and could cause some anxiety.


During our research, we wrote down all our ideas and notes in Notion. At the end we wrote a thesis about our though process and development.

Audrey Langlois : AI Programmer and Designer

Mélodie Décarie-Larocque : Character Artist

Joé Boulet : Sound Designer and Game Designer